Create new Leads and Sales with an automated marketing funnel!

Never before has a business had the ability to target their ideal customer like you can today.

Highly Targeted

We can target your ads to different Age Groups, Genders, Income Levels, Location, Employment, Interests, Life Events eg Engaged, Behaviours such as residential or automotive profiles and SO SO MUCH MORE!

Lead Capturing

We can help you capture highly qualified leads that you can nurture into customers and create long lasting customer relationships, and best of all the process can be AUTOMATED!


With Retargeting you can reduce your cost of advertising and increase your Return On Investment (ROI). By using retargeting techniques we can show your ads to people who already know who you are and who we have already determined are interested in you business. No more Guess Work!

Case Study

The object of the campaign was to gain registration and attendance to a Yoga Studio Open Day event and to convert event attendees to customers or to acquire them as leads.

The campaign only ran from the 27th of December to the 1st of January and was requested to stop due to the amount of registrations (this is a good thing). The campaign produced 42 website registrations of which 17 were new leads, it also produced 104 event responses on Facebook, 68 of those were interested in the event and 35 said there were going to attend. There were some overlaps with Facebook event numbers and email registrations.

On the day we seen an attendance of 33 people, 7 of which were from the new email list. Of those 33 people 10 signed up for future classes equaling an immediate value of $1026 that is an immediate ROI of 1,845% and a projected yearly ROI of 13,700%, If we assume the average attrition rate of 33%. This is a fantastic outcome.

Supplementary benefits as a byproduct of the campaign included an increase in Facebook page likes and reach which will passively impact the business overall and most importantly an email list of qualified leads that can be tastefully marketed too for the low low price of an email.


Immediate Return On Advertising Investment


Projected Yearly Return on Advertising Investment

Narelle Andren
Director: Melting Pot Loft Yoga & Lifestyle


“Before working with Petar…

I was about to embark on a new studio, a new brand & a 6 week period from concept to launch…to say the least I felt a little daunted.

I had my brand name yet was fearful of social media, had no clue as to newsletters.

I was sitting with excitement but also a little paralyzed with fear.

Since working with Petar I…

Held a very successful launch event & opened the doors to 42 students signed up for classes day 1.

With Petar’s expert advise I began to understand the importance of social media in today’s business & how to start building a community via email marketing.

The thing I loved the most about working with Petar is his knack for simplifying things & just getting it done. As I was busy renovating the studio I could relax knowing that Petar was fully taking care of the advertising using sound analysis & mindful spending.

Now my Yoga business is…

Bustling & exciting!…

Opening week Melting Pot shared yoga with 157 students & has held 2 well-attended workshops!

This is beyond expectations!


So thank you Petar for being the guiding, grounding, switched on, sharp as a tack, no straying off track, social marketing guru.

I would highly recommend Petar for any online marketing requirements & look forward to working with him again!”

Digital Marketing Funnel

Business owners are living in a lucky time and so are our customers, never before have we been able to create such highly targeted advertising like we can today utilising Facebook’s plethora of information they have on their users. This enables customers to be shown ads which are specifically relevant to their interest rather than to be bombarded with irrelevant and money wasting blanket advertising.


We can get your ads in front of your ideal customer for a fraction of normal advertising costs, creating leads and sales while providing value to your customer.


Packages and Prices vary from Pay Per Lead models to Monthly retainers. So contact us today to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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